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Proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Quartermaster Corps

Fight those that would take away your heritage!

All t-shirts are available in white or ash and sizes M, L, XL, 2X, & 3X (add $1.00 for 2X & 3X)

Naval Jack Separator

Southern Heritage T-Shirts T-Shirt no 5

"History Lesson!" $12.00 plus shipping

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med -

large -

XL -

2XL -

Our newest item! Rebel Big Bag, 19"w x 14"h x 7"h heavy duty canvas with zippered pocket on inside & large pocket outside. Will hold all your stuff! We sell tons of these!

Just $12.00 + ship.

Rebel Big Bag Outside

Rebel Big BagInside

Rebel Eagle Necklace $5.00 + ship

Rebel Necklass

Rebel Ladies Ear Rings $5.00 + ship

Rebel Ear Rings

Rebel Bikini Girl

Southern Heritage Rebel Bikini Sizes 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10. 11/12, 13/14

High quality "Lycra" Rebel Bikini $30.00 plus tax (if applicable) and shipping

Size 5/6

Size 7/8

Size 9/10

Size 11/12

Size 13/14

Southern Pride T-Shirts $20.00 plus ship.

Premium quality red handbag w/ embroidered Confederate flag on side

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Southern Pride T-Shirts$20.00 plus ship. & tax

Rebel Chick Camisole & Panties set w/ Lace Trim

Southern Pride T-ShirtsClose up of Panty w/ Rebel Chick on waistband

Southern Pride T-ShirtsClose up of Camisole top w/ lace trim

Perfect for wearing under blouse with a little revealing to show you are a Rebel Chick!

Order while supplies last!

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med -

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Southern Pride T-Shirts No 16 t-shirt

"Dixie Angel" t-shirt $12.00 + ship

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Order Toll Free: 1-(800)-378-3750 or (252)354-4212

Fax orders to: (252)354-9569

Thanks for supporting the cause! Don't let anyone take away our heritage!

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