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Here are the super poly and nylon flags we have available:

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Heritage caps, flags, gifts, and flags

Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

Artillery with Horses

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3' x 5' Poly State flags $10.00 (Unless Noted Sale Price!):

7. 3 x 5 North Carolina Republic (Old state flag) $10.00 + ship (SALE PRICE $7.00)

NC Republic Flag

8. 3 x 5 Combination North Carolina / Battle flag $10.00 + ship (SALE PRICE $7.00)

NC Battle Flag

B. 3' x 5' Poly South Carolina flags $10.00 (SALE PRICE $7.00):

17. 3 x 5 South Carolina / Battle flag

South Carolina Battle Flag

18. 3 x 5 South Carolina Sovereignty flag

SC Sovereignty Flag

19. 3 x 5 South Carolina "Big Red" Citadel flag

20. 3 x 5 South Carolina 2 day flag

SC 2 day Flag

21. 3 x 5 South Carolina Secessionist flag

SC State Secession Flag

22. 3 x 5 South Carolina State Flag

SC State Flag

23 A. 3 x 5 North Carolina State Poly Flag (Good Quality) On Sale $7.00

NC State Flag

23 B. 3 x 5 North Carolina State Nylon Flag (Better Quality) $15.00

Nylon NC State Flag

23 C. 3 x 5 North Carolina State Sewn & Embroidered Nylon Flag (Best Quality) $20.00

Nylon Emboidered NC State Flag

23 D. 4' X 6' NC State Poly Flag $15.00 (SALE PRICE $12.00)

4x6 NC State Flag

24. 2' x 3' North Carolina State Flag $5.00 (SALE PRICE $4.00)

25. Mississippi State Flag

26. Kentucky State Flag

Kentucky State Flag

27. 1956 Old Georgia flag (Battle flag and Georgia Seal) The "REAL" Georgia Flag

Georgia State Flag

28. Tennessee State Flag

29. Combination Tennessee and Battle flag

30. Virginia State Flag

30A. Alabama State Flag

30B. 3x5 Alabama Battle Flag $10.00 + ship

Alabama Battle Flag

F. Misc flags, $10.00 ea (SALE PRICE $7.00):

44. Red, White, and Blue "OPEN" flag -

Open Flag

44A. Red, White, and Blue "WELCOME" flag -

Welcome Flag

45. Christian flag -

Flag Storage Case52. Oak Flag Storage Case $30.00 + ship

G. Misc flag pole sets $10.00 ea + ship.:

flag pole kit

53. Steel Flag Pole Kit w/ White Finish, Screws, Mounting Bracket & Eagle (6' Long)

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